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Birthstone Jewelry

There is a different and beautiful birthstone for every month of the year. And when it comes to a truly meaningful gift, birthstone jewelry is the perfect choice. Birthstones are gemstones that have personal, astrological or mythical meaning to the wearer. Most gemstones, including birthstones, are thought to hold unique healing powers.

What's your birthstone? And what does your birthstone mean? Our handy birthstone guide is a quick reference for each of these significant gemstones.

January: Garnet

  • Garnet is believed to be the gemstone of friendship, loyalty and devotion.
  • Garnet is typically a rich brownish-red in color.
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February: Amethyst

  • Often worn as a talisman, amethyst is said to ward off evil spirits.
  • Amethyst ranges from pale pinkish-lavender to rich, deep purple.
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March: Aquamarine

  • Sought after as a stone of healing, aquamarine is worn as protection from the dangers of the sea.
  • Aquamarine is generally a light, icy blue.
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April: Diamond

  • Diamond is said to be the gemstone of everlasting love.
  • Diamonds range in hue from white to brown to black and are available in many colors.
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May: Emerald

  • Long associated with fertility and rebirth, today emeralds are believed to signify wisdom and patience.
  • Emeralds range from pale to deep green.
  • Shop Emerald Jewelry

June: Pearl

  • Thought to be the tears of goddess Aphrodite, pearls are symbolic of love and purity.
  • Pearls can be found in many colors, but the most popular is white.
  • Shop Pearl Jewelry

July: Ruby

  • Regarded by ancient Hindus as the "king of the gems". Today ruby signifies love and passion.
  • Ruby ranges in color from pale to rich red.
  • Shop Ruby Jewelry

August: Peridot

  • Believed to have the power to attract wealth, peridot is a gemstone of strength.
  • Peridot ranges from pale to rich spring green.
  • Shop Peridot Jewelry

September: Sapphire

  • Thought to guard against evil, today sapphires symbolize purity, fidelity and wisdom.
  • Sapphires are available in every color except red, however blue is the most popular.
  • Shop Sapphire Jewelry

October: Opal

  • Unique and opulent, opals symbolize faithfulness, confidence, hope and purity.
  • Opals are available in many colors with iridescent white being the most popular.
  • Shop Opal Jewelry

November: Citrine

  • Said to draw all good things unto the wearer, citrine is also symbolizes energy, creativity and flexibility.
  • Citrine boasts warm and sunny tones, while golden-yellow stones are highly prized.
  • Shop Citrine Jewelry

December: Blue Topaz

  • A symbol of love and affection, blue topaz is worn to increase strength, wisdom and courage.
  • Blue topaz ranges in hue from pale Swiss blue to deep London blue.
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