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Ear Piercing Types

Creating art of the ear can be incredibly fun and add a touch of glam, elegance and style to your look. But when faced with all the piercing possibilities, it can seem overwhelming. For inspiration and insight, look to our guide on ear piercing types.

In this guide, we'll go over the anatomy of the ear and all the piercing options there are.

The Tragus

There are many ear piercing locations to consider for a piercing. The tragus is part of the inner cartilage. It covers the area near the ear canal right above the lobe of the ear. This spot is perfect for studs and solitaire earrings.


Another possibility for a side earring piercing is the antitragus. Its name comes from its placement in the ear opposite the tragus and a little above your lobe. This piercing might be a little painful during piercing and healing. So, be sure to follow all instructions for aftercare.

If you're unsure what type of earring goes with the antitragus, try stud piercings. A little stud can add antitragus glam.

The Helix

The helix is the upper rim cartilage of the ear. Any piercing done within this part of the ear is called a helix piercing. Two piercings in the helix are called a double helix. While many earrings work well in the helix, one option that brings out unique personal style is hoops.

The Antihelix

Like the antitragus, the antihelix sits opposite the helix. It's basically a rim of cartilage between the helix and the antitragus. This is sometimes referred to as a snug piercing because earrings worn here can be a "snug" fit.

The Rook

The daith sits at the innermost part of the ear (right under the rook). While this is a small piercing area, a little hoop or small barbell could be just the jewelry to jazz up your look.

The Conch

The conch has two parts. There's the outer conch and the inner conch. The outer conch is the small area between the antihelix and the helix. The inner conch is right before the ear canal. Gemstone studs are the perfect choice for this piercing.

The Earlobe

This part of the ear is the lowest part and the most recognized. You can wear almost any earring style you fancy here from classic studs to drop earrings.

Orbital Piercing

An orbital piercing is any piercing with two holes made in the same part of the ear. While this type of piercing can be done in many parts of the ear, they are usually done in the lobe or helix.

Forward Helix Piercing

A forward helix piercing is the forward most section of the ear near the tragus. The beauty of this piercing is that you can style it with solitaire studs or a cluster.

Industrial Piercing

This piercing usually has two or more holes to connect one long piece of jewelry. They are typically done within the helix or antihelix. You can style this part of the ear is with a long barbell or any other straight earring.

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