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We know jewelry & piercings are your opportunity to express your unique style. With over 60 years of piercing experience, we’ve done and seen it all and have been a huge part of the evolution of the industry.

Here's how our professional instrument piercers master their craft—and offer a superior piercing experience every single time.

A Safe Experience Every Time

We have continually improved/updated our piercing procedure over the course of five decades. This professional piercing system is the natural result of our extensive experience:

Sterilized Equipment

For instrument piercings we always use one-step, single use, sterilized, prepackaged piercing earrings that meet or exceed U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Sanitary Environment

Our strict safety and precaution standards during and after the piercing procedure ensure a sanitary environment and a comfortable piercing experience.

Cleaning Instructions

We provide detailed care and cleaning instructions, which are crucial to enjoying your newly pierced ears.

Attentive Aftercare

Have a question or concern? Check in with us anytime for a complimentary follow-up visit. Our professional piercers are here for you!

Children's Piercing

We offer a customized piercing technique for infants and children, which includes piercing both ears simultaneously (when possible) to avoid stress and discomfort.

Additional Piercings

Cartilage piercing—which often demands a unique skill set compared to conventional ear piercing—is available in select Banter locations.

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