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Kara Pereira

To me, Be More You means understanding the fact that I’m a wonderful, work in progress and I may always be just that. The truth is, I’m still learning about myself and what it means to be me. Something my dad would always say to me as a child is “know thyself”. I would typically sigh or roll my eyes after hearing this but that was because I didn’t fully understand what he meant. What he was trying to tell me was, understand who you are and why you make the decisions you make. Be conscious of your actions so you have a better chance of making the right ones. I couldn’t fully grasp this idea back then but this concept has proven to be more and more true everyday. After all, How can you be you, if you don’t know you. 

With all the time I’ve spent quarantining this past year, I think I have a great perspective on who I am and what it means to be me. I’d like to think that I’m someone who is constantly evolving and growing from past experiences. I learn by assessing my past and current place in life and I grow by manifesting where I’d like to be. Through this practice, I’ll never stop learning because I’ll never stop growing and that’s what “be more you” truly means to me. 

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