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Ja’Nell Hal-Ragin

Dear Love,
Many have worn you, 
But on me, 
You create magic.
Bold and daring,
You add a spark.
Accentuate my fashion,
My words full of passion,
 You are the complete package.


Dear love, 
No matter how I wear you, 
Dress up or dress down, 
You help me make a statement. 
My individuality and uniqueness are amazing. 
Your quality has left me speechless. 
You birth confidence in women who look like me. 
You empower every woman who wears you, 
How special you are to me. 


Dear love, 
Thank you for everything. 
From the ’60s to now, 
You’ve remained a statement of power, 
With poise, you are a pillar of my culture. 
You help me illustrate the image I desire. 
 My love for hoops I will forever hold onto.


-Ja’Nell Hal-Ragin 

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